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Une autre ville,
consulting firm
engaged in urban projects
committed to ecological transition

Established in 2012, Une autre ville is a consulting urban planning firm that assists territorial authorities and spatial planners to understand, plan and achieve their urban projects which are committed to ecological transition of urban, suburban and rural areas.
Une autre ville gathers a group of passionate urban planners, engaged for the sake of the environment. Une Autre Ville devotes its environmental and operational expertise, as well as its capacities, to stage and expedite projects, pursuing a collaborative approach, with perspective, creativity and ambition.

In Une autre ville, we approach every urban project with perspectives and without preconceived ideas. We understand projects before suggesting our vision that is based on pragmatism and creativity.
Our committement to ecological transition in urban projects supposes that this committement should be detailed, shared, accepted and desired by everyone. It also implies that our projects should be approached through their material and immaterial dimensions, taking into account spatial, operational, environmental and social considerations.

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19 Rue Frédérick Lemaître,
75020 Paris

We are pleased to share our offices with Le Sens de la Ville and Kairos Ingénierie , with whom we collaborate regularly.

+33 9 82 39 66 43