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Our team & partners

Une autre ville is based on the integration
of multidisciplinary visions, combining operational
planning and a broad culture of urban and
environmental issues.

Our team consists of a variety of profiles, brought together around a common passion for ecological transition and urban planning. Each member of the team draws on the collective experience in planning firms, design offices, communities or associations to propose a holistic and committed approach to urban projects.

Nicolas Rougé

Engineer and urban planner - Winner of the Young Urban Planners Award 2010

Nicolas founded Une Autre Ville in 2012 after having developed for more than 10 years an original positioning at the interface between decision-makers and technical experts as an environmental integrator on development operations. This positioning, which he has exercised both in MOE and MOA projects, is the foundation of the original approach of Une Autre Ville. Today, Nicolas is a recognized expert in the consideration of sustainable development issues in urban planning. He teaches in parallel with his consulting missions and also provides numerous interventions in professional training courses.

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Pablo Parry

Urban planner and expert in urban engineering

Pablo joined Une Autre Ville in 2016 after a first experience focused on taking into account energy issues in urban projects within the "H4" company. In Une Autre Ville, Pablo brings a cross-disciplinary perspective as an urban planner and urban engineering expert. He uses his technical skills (water management, energy, mobility, operational set-up, etc. ), as well as his ability to listen and engage in dialogue to successfully complete the ecological transition of territories in close collaboration with project owners, designers, technical experts and users.

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Claire Roullet Sureau

Geographer and urban planner

Claire joined the team after more than 10 years of experience in project management within municipalities and AMO design offices. Thanks to her varied background and experience in managing complex missions, she knows how to act as a link between project leaders, designers and BETs to ensure that transition issues are taken into account at all stages. Trained in animation and facilitation, she implements methodological innovations that promote collective intelligence and the involvement of stakeholders to accompany changes in practices over time.

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Elsa Hucault

Agricultural engineer and urban planner

Elsa has been a contributor to Une Autre Ville since 2018, after six years of consulting with contractors on various scale projects, from real estate development to the metropolitan strategy. What drives Elsa on a daily basis is the project approach, the sharing with very different stakeholders, from the most technical to the most conceptual, and the commitment to a cause that transcends disciplines. Conscious of the technical complexities and the economic reality, she makes sure to strengthen the operational and collaborative character of her activity.

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Audrey Solans

Engineer and urban planner

Audrey is an urban planning engineer, graduate of the Ecole des Ingénieurs de la Ville de Paris (EIVP) and of the urban planning cycle of Sciences Po. Paris. With ten years of experience in urban project management and territorial strategy consulting and within the Sustainable Cities team of WWF France, she combines strong environmental ambitions with pragmatism and method. She is committed to tackling projects at all levels, in a cross-disciplinary manner and by ensuring the quality of the partnership dialogue that environmental ambitions require.

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Hélène Méténier

Engineer and urban planner

Hélène is an urban engineer, graduate of the Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics (ESTP) and of the master's degree in urban project management from the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées. Based on the value of her initial experience in design offices and with urban developers, she has developed methods for evaluating innovative projects and capitalizing on know-how approaches. Convinced that the environmental transition is above all a social transition, she strives to ensure that environmental ambition is synonymous with improving the quality of life of the city's users.

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Gloria Aimé

Administrative Assistant

Gloria has been accompanying Une autre ville since its beginnings (or almost). She is responsible of the preparation of administrative files, particularly in the context of calls for tender, and provides valuable assistance to the entire team in carrying out missions.

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Our partners

We are convinced that the most relevant and solid projects are born from a collective work. Our business is always carried out in close collaboration with a diversity of city practitioners: experts, designers, users. . . We enjoy nourishing our practices thanks to a rich group of partners who share our desire to re-enchant the city and our methods for making it.

We are also members of several professional associations including the Institute for Ecoresponsible Design of Buildings (ICEB), the Manifesto for a Happy and Creative Frugality, Ekopolis, the Parisian Climate Agency (APC) and the Laboratory of Agricultural Urbanism (LUA).

We are pleased to work with them :